Sunday, 4 March 2012

Well, it’s been a good week for a budding author like me! A week or two ago, I heard about (LAHE for short). LAHE is an internet community of authors and avid readers which seeks to promote the work of an invited group of 30 authors, uniting them with each other so that they can share experiences and opportunities and also uniting them with keen readers who like their work and want to help them to get noticed.
     So, me being me, I wrote to LAHE and asked: what do I have to do to be invited to become a featured author? Imagine my surprise when I heard back from the people who run the site within a day or two asking me about myself and my writing. And then, after a few exchanges of emails, I was told they would be happy to have me as a featured author! I was over the moon, I hadn’t expected that. And now I’m there on the website as a featured author and already in touch with several fellow authors, getting to know a bit about them through Facebook, Twitter, etc.
     Definitely a good week for a struggling author who now has hope of seeing his book, which is called Rough Cut in case you’ve forgotten, reaching a wider readership than would have been possible without the lovely people at – so go and have a look at the website – NOW! J

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