Monday, 30 January 2012

I'm amazed! I asked for permission from Blogcritics and the Yorkshire Evening Post to use quotes from their articles in my marketing blurb and on the cover and they have both said "yes", and so quickly! The author of the YEP article even said "it would be an honour". So the new cover has been sent to the publishers with a quote from the YEP on the front and one from Blogcritics on the back. I'm so pleased! So far, today is proving to be one of those UP days - let's hope it lasts.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Yesterday, I spent most of the day (including an hour or two on Google) trying to find out if I need permission to use a quote from a newspaper article about my book which was in the Yorkshire Evening Post a few months ago. I'd love to put the sentence: "The plot has an exotic, almost James Bond feel to it." on the front cover of the new edition which is coming out next month but I don't want to get sued and end up having to throw away 1,000 books. I would, of course, attribute the quote to the paper but maybe I should ring them and ask them if it's OK. But then they might say no when actually I could have used it without asking! So you see, being creative doesn't mean you can avoid getting bogged down in the business end of life - unless you're very lucky and you can find someone else to do all of that for you! I wish!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

OK, so now I'm a blogger! I'm new to this but I'll try not to be boring. I've set up this blog to share some of my experiences of living with a creative mind (that's where the title of the blog came from!) in the hope that some of them might be of interest to people and maybe even helpful to them.

I think everyone has a creative spark inside them which they want to let out, that's certainly true of me, and sometimes that can be a great, really positive thing. Other times it can take you down a path that leads to sleepless nights and depression. I've experienced both over the years and in my opinion the good times more than make up for the bad times.

So, if you're a creative person (and who isn't), why not subscribe to my blog and let's share our experiences of Living With A Creative Mind.

What do you say?