Saturday, 28 January 2012

Yesterday, I spent most of the day (including an hour or two on Google) trying to find out if I need permission to use a quote from a newspaper article about my book which was in the Yorkshire Evening Post a few months ago. I'd love to put the sentence: "The plot has an exotic, almost James Bond feel to it." on the front cover of the new edition which is coming out next month but I don't want to get sued and end up having to throw away 1,000 books. I would, of course, attribute the quote to the paper but maybe I should ring them and ask them if it's OK. But then they might say no when actually I could have used it without asking! So you see, being creative doesn't mean you can avoid getting bogged down in the business end of life - unless you're very lucky and you can find someone else to do all of that for you! I wish!!

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