Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Writer and The Bookseller

It's weird, isn't it, how sometimes your brain just never lets up! This morning, I woke up at 5 o'clock! I went to the loo, as you do, and then got back into bed. And then this popped into my head:

The Writer and The Bookseller

"The time has come," the writer said,
"To talk of many strings:
Of freebie books -- and Amazon --
Of Rough Cut -- and Kindle things --
And why on earth you wouldy not
Go and start downloading!

I was going to add: with apologies to Ruddy Hard Kipping!
but actually I think it should be with apologies to Loos Carol.

And of course it would be emiss of me not to give you te link, now wouldn't it?!


But it won't be available free until today from 12:00 midnight Pacific Standard Time which I think is 8:00 am GMT.

And so, back to bed!


  1. Great post! Love ruddy Hard Kipping - always thought it was Kipling and he also made exceedingly good cakes ....

  2. He was a man of many talents!

  3. I must admit I liked the cakes as well as Kindle things.

  4. I wandered in the night
    To find the toilet and with the roll
    Completed the task at hand quite largely
    Only dealing with private malarchy
    ...The stairs they stood tall and imposed
    On my heart and the kitchen supposed
    My next visit would come swift
    I felt my feet go slightly adrift
    ...The remaining chocolate brownies and milk
    That the kids had knashed at and also spilt
    Sat unnasuming quietly on display
    One or two for me - Yay!
    ...And a novel later (on most nights youtube)
    Secured my fate as a puppet of voodoo
    It had all gone swimmingly up until this point
    My heart, mind, body and spirit were out of joint!
    ...In my defence I lacked the courage
    To stand against the evil flourish
    Of over attentive proverbs of cursing
    I once heard my mum tell me when I was nursing
    ...And to the day, or the night time creeping
    I feel less likely to be sleeping
    A day spent with a beer and folly
    In this house oh how so jolly!
    - Thomas Latcham

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thomas,
    I think you are another poet,
    The thing is did you know it?
    Oh what fun it is to write,
    Even if it is at night!

    My previous comment on your comment
    contained a typo
    So I deleted it,
    it only took a mo!